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In 'Bigg Boss 5' for new challenges: Nihita

Sanjay dutt and nihita biswas
Nihita Biswas
Nihita Biswas, the Nepali wife of serial killer Charles Sobhraj, says that she is participating in the reality show 'Bigg Boss 5' to explore new challenges in life.

"We are just demanding a fair trial. It is a basic thing that we are asking for. He has been illegally convicted. He has been kept as a hostage in an illegal place. We would challenge the verdict in other court," Nihita claimed.

Sobhraj, who is of Indian and Vietnamese origin, has monikers like 'the serpent' and 'the bikini killer'. He allegedly committed at least 12 murders throughout Southeast Asia during the 70s, targetting mostly the Western tourists.

He has been behind bars in a Kathmandu prison since 2003 and fighting a legal battle in three courts there with each of them convicting him in connection with the murder of an American tourist in 1975.

Nihita, 22, shot to fame three years ago when she married Sobhraj in Kathmandu prison claiming she had fallen in love with him.

Nihita said she agreed to participate in the fifth season of the reality show 'Bigg Boss' to explore new challenges in life.

"Doing reality shows was never on my mind. I had not thought of it....it happened just that when I got the offer. I got a call for participating in this show and my husband said I must do it. He was very supportive. I think it will be a nice and different experience for me. It will also help me connect with different people," Nihita said.

"Prior to this (Bigg Boss 5) there were no offers from any reality show. I guess this show suits me. I like the concept of the show of being tried and tested in different situations. I can say the show is a challenge...like everything in life is a challenge. So I need to experience this challenge," she added.

Replying to a query regarding her perception regarding the show being hosted by actors Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt, she said "there is no purpose or reason to coming to this show. I am here only to get the new experience. One must try different things in life. I am going to be just myself on the show. There is no strategy that I would follow to woo other contestants".

"I have no expectations from the show. I do not know the consequences of doing this show. I don't know the outcome," Nihita added.

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Nihita Biswas Bigg Boss: Charles Sobhraj Biography

Nihita Biswas Bigg Boss: Charles Sobhraj Biography: Charles Sobhraj Biography In 1962, Sobhraj served time for stealing a car in France. After his release, he married and had a daughter, but l...

Nihita Biswas, Charles Shobraj's wife in Bigg Boss 5

Nihita Biswas, Charles Shobraj's wife in Bigg Boss 5

Nihita Biswas, 22-year-old wife of Charles Shobhraj, is all set join the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 5. Nihita, who is the wife of one of the most dreaded serial killers in the world will obviously add to the show's attraction. The channel got in touch with her last week and she has signed on for the show.


Earlier, Monica Bedi who was the girlfriend of dreaded gangster Abu Salem was also a part of Bigg Boss. The season grabbed a lot of eyeballs due to the controversial presence of the actress. In fact, Monica had also claimed on the show that this was her process of leaving the past behind and moving on. Interestingly, the moment Monica was out of the show, she started getting film offers.



Charles Shobhraj nicknamed the bikini killer was arrested in Nepal and was serving a sentence for killing a Canadian tourist in Kathmandu in 1975. Nihita had come to meet him and his interpreter. 


Charles and Nihita fell in love. He married her in October 2008 on the occasion of Bada Dashami in jail. The following day, Nepalese jail authorities dismissed all claims of their marriage. However, both Charles and Nihita claimed that they are married. 


Charles Sobhraj Biography

In 1962, Sobhraj served time for stealing a car in France. After his release, he married and had a daughter, but later abandoned his family. Sobhraj eventually linked up with Marie-Andrée Leclerc who became his mistress and accomplice. During the 1970s, he befriended mostly western tourists in Asia, drugging and killing them. According to The New York Times, it is believed that he killed between 12 to 24 people from 1972 to 1976.

Serial killer, thief. Born on April 6, 1944, in Saigon, Vietnam. Charles Sobhraj was first called the “Bikini Killer” after the swimsuit one of his victims was wearing when she was discovered. He then earned the nickname “the Serpent” for his numerous escapes from jail. The son of an Indian father and a Vietnamese mother, Sobhraj spent part of his childhood on the rough streets of Saigon and was shuttled back and forth between his parents. His mother later had another child and married a soldier in the French Army who initially rejected Sobhraj.

For years, Sobhraj traveled around Europe and Asia. According to an article in the Boston Globe, he escaped custody in at least four countries. Whenever he went, he prayed on the unsuspecting. Fluent in several languages, he was a skilled con artist who often targeted young backpackers were exploring what was known as the “Hippie Trail,” which runs through Afghanistan and Nepal into Southeast Asia.

It was a botched attack that led to his undoing. He attempted to poison a group of French tourists in India in 1976. Several of his intended victims were able to fight the drug’s effects long enough to get help. While Thailand wanted him extradited to face murder charges there, the Indian government decided to try Sobhraj and Leclerc for the murder of an Israeli tourist. Convicted on a lesser charge, Sobhraj was sentenced to seven years. The Thai government was told that it would have to wait until after he finished his sentence before he would be able to be tried there.

In 1986, Sobhraj escaped along with several other inmates from Tibar Prison in New Delhi after drugging guards during a party. He was captured less than a month later. This escape proved to be yet another calculated move by the Serpent. With his additional sentence for the escape, Sobhraj remained in prison in India until after the statute of limitations on his crimes in Thailand ran out, according to Newsweek magazine.

After finishing sentence in 1997, Sobhraj was released from jail. He eventually returned to France, but his newfound freedom would only last so long. He was arrested in Nepal in 2003 and was later tried and convicted of the murder of two backpackers there in 1975 despite having very little evidence. He tried to escape from prison in 2004, but failed. The Serpent has been caught—at least for the time being.